Terms of use / disclaimer

Movis services
Movis offers you counselling services provided by graduate social workers in connection with workplace, personal, health-related and financial issues.

Movis is free to structure the Movis24 online counselling service at its discretion and can change, expand or discontinue the existing service offering at any time.

Movis24 is not suitable for acute emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Movis Head Office directly on 0848 270 270 or call a emergency number: 143 or 147.

Enquiry response time
On work days, you can generally expect a response within 24 hours. In the event of staff shortages or other circumstances, it may be necessary to extend the processing period. All questions receive a response.

Target group
Our service is a supplementary offering in addition to our services at the Movis counselling centres and is aimed at our corporate clients and their employees.

User obligations
Users undertake not to use the offered online counselling service on www.movis24.ch in an improper manner. Users of the online counselling service also undertake not to use the offered service to the detriment of third parties. Breaches of the personal rights of others shall be reported to the police.

Limitation of liability, compensation for damages
The online Movis counsellors shall process enquiries to the best of their knowledge and belief and in accordance with the applicable legal principles. However, Movis shall accept no liability for the procedural accuracy of a legal response or compliance with any deadlines in connection with legal matters.

The online counselling is provided on the basis of the submitted questions and the information contained therein. The answers thus relate exclusively to the details provided and without knowledge of all key background information. Movis shall therefore also accept no liability for damages caused by erroneous legal answers if these are based on incorrect or incomplete facts.

Data protection

We take the protection of your personal and private sphere very seriously. The service offered by us can therefore be used on an anonymous basis.

All Movis employees are also subject to a contractually agreed obligation to maintain professional secrecy and are not allowed to disclose personal data to third parties outside Movis without your express consent. The above is, however, subject to statutory duties to provide information or testify.

The provisions and regulations of the Swiss Data Protection Act shall also apply.

Supplementary provisions
Movis may amend these GTCs at any time. The changes shall apply from the time they are published. Users who continue to make use of the service shall automatically be deemed to have agreed with the amended Terms of Use.

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