About us

Back in 1922, we set out as a pioneer in the area of employee assistance. Today, we are the leading firm for the provision of services in this field to companies from all sectors. We started life as a department within the company SV-Service, before becoming a subsidiary of the SV Group. In its current incarnation, Movis is an independent company.

We have more than 23 offices throughout Switzerland in central locations. Our Head Office is in Zurich.

Movis offers you counselling services provided by graduate social workers in connection with workplace, personal, health-related and financial issues. Our objective is to improve and restore performance levels and to facilitate the workplace and social reintegration of employees in instances in which their ability to work is threatened due to illness or an accident. The handling of personal data is our core business. You can rely on our professionalism and integrity.

Movis24 is not suitable for acute emergency situations. In crisis situations, you can reach Movis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone at 0848 270 270. We have established a professional relationship with CareLink for this.

In emergency situations, please call help directly at the general emergency number 112.

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